What did I like about my experience with Lapides? How much space do I have? At this point, the entire crew plus family members on both sides are considered personal friends!
— Mim, Kirkwood

With two separate properties - one of which is her full-time home - and an itch to upgrade, Mim knows quality work when she sees it. After having worked with Lapides Construction six different times, "they've become even more distinctly the professionals who know what to do almost anywhere."

Mim shared with us that her decorating style is often directed by her appreciation of James Taylor's reference to the lyric from his song "deep greens and blues are the colors I choose" from the album "Sweet Baby James." With that as inspiration, Bob Lapides went to work, carefully crafting a design that brought together the different spaces beautifully, all while integrating some lovely materials following this musical color scheme, including custom tile-work.

This project included additional work that added to the scope, but the most interesting challenge we accomplished was changing an existing square corner wall to a curved radius wall. It took a lot of work but made a huge impact visually for the family room and the interior of the walk-in closet. That, in turn, gave us extra room and flexibility to really get creative with the bathroom.

Creative lighting accentuates the project in many ways, and showed our skill in coordination and cooperation - namely, with the homeowner's "electronics wizard" son. "[He] has lots of working knowledge with top of the line electronics and was able to promote some options that were incorporated into the project," Mim says. "I enjoy the LED lighting every day." This kind of personal collaboration and input is something welcome in a Lapides project.

Mim would be eager to recommend Lapides to anyone needing renovation. "At this point, with as much time over the years in which Lapides has improved and provided function and visual appeal in our home, Bob's crew and our family members function at the level of personal friends," Mim reports. "We appreciate so much what they have done, from the luscious jar of home-grown honey, the special attention in the moving and packing, the comfort and respect having any number of crew in the house and working on whatever needs to be attended to. It's become a very personal relationship with everyone respecting and working toward the best possible outcome.

See more of Mim's remodel in the gallery below: