The [project] was beautifully completed with great project management and attention to detail. The results were spectacular. The construction team was polite, resourceful, trustworthy, accurate, and very dependable.
— Jack & Janet, Ballwin

Jack and Janet had problems. "Our kitchen was outdated, there was no powder room on the 1st floor and a dark family room," said Janet. Not only that, but their master bathroom was tired and they were lacking in storage. These aren't the kind of problems you can address all at once - without getting a new home anyway - and Jack and Janet loved almost everything about where they were.

They didn't take the decision of who to contract with, lightly, either. They knew they had a long road ahead of them - all the way from the initial design through finish work - and wanted to make sure the contractor they selected would be able to handle the load, and the changes they might confront - even before they started any work. As Janet noted, "the attention and flexibility to our requests during the design phase led us to choose Bob and the company for the project."

It wasn't long before that flexibility was tested. "Initially, the plan was to complete the whole project at one time," said Janet, but it was not to be. Instead, the team started on the powder room and master bath/closet - which impacted 4 different living spaces all on its own. One year later came the kitchen remodel, which included the opening of a structural support wall between the family room and kitchen. The family room received a granite fireplace facade and new bamboo flooring.


All along the way, the inevitable changes were taken in stride. "Bob and the team filtered our questions and suggestions honestly guiding us to making the best decision for the end result." That flexibility and quality continued throughout the whole project.

See more or Janet and Jack's remodel in the gallery below: